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This page updated 16 June 2011 (to repair links)
The website is now simply an archive

The number of persons working on the site dropped to exactly one, and I can't maintain this domain alone.If however someone (autistic adults with a strong advocacy background only) want to maintain it, I'd be more than happy to see it resurrected as a living site

System going down for a few days, then coming back as a dynamic site (finally!) (17 Feb 2011)

It has taken a while (a lot longer than I had expected) to get to this stage. Too much time and energy has been wasted, frankly, in trying to get a creaky old system to take on a new face, and sometimes needing to do drastic things to plug security leaks. It's time to wipe the server and start fresh. I am unable to give an exact date for the downtime, but it will be in about one week. Users with data on the old system should back things up immediately.

Need donations, and our upcoming dynamic site (11 Feb 2010)

  We badly need donations. Even though we're currently pared down to just running our (multi-site) webserver, we still have almost zero money right now. For more information, including how we spend that money, please see this blog post on the topic. We can also always use volunteers, if any are capable of the work required.

The reason that this part of the website has lacked updates for so long, is that we are trying to switch to a dynamic site instead of a static one, so that it is easier for us to update quickly. The (work-in-progress) dynamic site is currently hosted at if you want to take a look.

 Unexpected Downtime, but we're nearly all up again (29 July 2008)

 We obviously had some unplanned downtime recently. We've nearly got everything working again, and expect to get the last of it up and running by the end of this week. It appears that we did not lose any data.

Recent Updates (May, 2008)

We've been working hard on this and other sites on the server in the weeks since we were down for maintenance. We're ready to announce the fruit of some of our labor:

  • The Real Voices of Autism ( is a social networking site for autistics and our allies in the neurodiversity movement. Stop by "The Voice" and sign up for an account today.
  • ACDate, our old dating site ( is back in operation, only with all the features of a professional dating site like But unlike, full access to those features is free.
In the works, but not quite ready for use, is the return of the autistic-themed e-card service, and a help desk/contact form that might actually lead to people getting prompt responses when they try to contact us.

Speaking of contact, thanks to the miracle (and low cost) of VOIP, the Project has a telephone number. You can call us at (718) 734-5068. We guarantee that we will respond to your calls with the overloaded, overstressed, and utterly chaotic unprofessionalism you've come to expect from a project run by a group of autistic people ;-)

Please Donate to

We haven't asked for donations recently, and our Paypal account (from which we pay all the bills) is getting uncomfortably low. Right now, if an emergency arose, we couldn't cover the costs, and in about two months we won't have the money to cover routine costs.

Please donate today.

Also today I have extensively updated the bloated front page. Gone are obsolete items, changed are out of date links, and added are links to the various blogs which have long been the most active areas of

(Dec. 13, 2007) I've added a page on our presence in Second Life, including screenshots and information on how people whose computers balk at running the Secondlife client can still attend our Secondlife events.

Who we are

The purpose of the project is to connect autistic people with the services we need to live whole and happy lives. The immediate goal of is to build a global database of information and resources by and for persons on the autistic spectrum.

The project is by and for autistics, not parents of autistic children, though family members and professionals may find this website helpful.

The project is a project in the spirit of the various Linux development projects: created by volunteers, it's not so much an organization as it is a constructive anarchy.

About our slogan

The Autism Society of America, an organization composed almost entirely of non-autistic people and controlled entirely by non-autistic people, which performs few if any useful functions for autistic people, and which on numerous occasions has advocated against the best interests of autistic people, has started to call itself "The Voice of Autism".

In our judgment, such hubris demands a response. So we've changed our tagline to "The Real Voice of Autism"

When we call ourselves "The Real Voice of Autism", we mean by that that we autistics are the real voice of autism, not that we in particular at are. Every autistic, whether he or she contributes to this site, doesn't know this site exists, or hates what we do here, is also "The Real Voice of Autism". If you are autistic, feel free to join us in proclaiming yourself "The Real Voice of Autism"

(P.S.: Preposterous as the Autism Society's claim is, there are plenty of precedents.)

(P.P.S.: Link of the Day about the credibility of the ASA. Enjoy.) Sept 20, 2005 on Second Life has a presence on Second Life under the group name Autistic Liberation Front. We can be found at  Porcupine 37, 185, 105. Autistics who want to buy virtual land in Second Life are encouraged to do so in Porcupine: we're trying to turn all of Porcupine into liberated autistic territory.

At the border of the Porcupine sim

You can see more pictures from our Second Life presence, as well as learn of upcoming events and how to participate if your computer won't run SL's client, here

CAN = autistic extermination
For your reading pleasure: hate mail we've received in response to this cartoon and other parts of the site.

Dont Succumb to the Plague Rhetoric Plague
Click on the image to download a larger version. This is a parody of a real propaganda poster showing, as usual, how "expensive" we are and how many of us there are. For more on how we view such posters in a historical framework, see Then and Now.


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